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Hi! I’m a versatile web and mobile app developer based in Edinburgh available for contract work. I have 15+ years experience, a Software Engineering degree and a PhD who can work with you in Edinburgh or remotely. My past projects include Android/iPhone/iPad apps, websites, web apps, web services, cloud hosting, games, interactive kiosk experiences, browser extensions and SEO.

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Companies I've completed projects for

Just Eat Epicor Cloudreach Freak Films Heehaw General Dental Council Pon Cat AG Barr Berkeley Communications National Apprenticeship Service Kantar The University of Edinburgh Blue Alligator Department for Work and Pensions 66 Audio Technologistics

How I can help you

I can design, develop and deliver software solutions in the following areas.

Websites, web apps & web services

I can create websites, web apps and web services that support both mobile and desktop, including CMS setup so you can manage content yourself.

Mobile & tablet apps

I can create Android, iPhone and iPad apps including native apps and HTML5/PhoneGap/Cordova hybrid apps.

Interactives & games

I can create games and interactives like those you’d see at exhibitions and museums including interactive slideshows, visitor guestbooks, interactive maps and games.

Software quality improvements

I can oversee projects and provide developer training to increase productivity and lower defects including help with test suites, code reviews, source control, planning boards, staging environments and Continuous Integration.

Cloud hosting & migrations

I can help you take advantage of scalable and affordable cloud technologies such as Amazon Web Services, Heroku and Google Cloud Platform.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

I can perform on-page SEO audits of websites and have the expertise to fix any issues found to improve your Google search rank. This includes setting up HTTPS and optimising page speed.

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About me

A short summary of my past experience and technical skills.

Career background

I grew up in Edinburgh and have been passionate about coding since an early age where I learned to code on an Amstrad CPC and then PC. I attended The University of Edinburgh where I was top of my year earning a Software Engineering degree and completed a PhD in Software Verification. After this I worked as a computer science researcher before joining a cloud computing consultancy as a software engineer. Since then I’ve been successfully working for myself as an app developer for several years.

Development skills

I’m a full stack developer who is practical in using whichever technologies help stay within budget and can easily pick up new skills because of my diverse background. I’m experienced with JavaScript (TypeScript, Node, Express, Vue, Angular), Python (Django, Flask), Java (Swing), PHP (WordPress, Laravel, CodeIgniter), C, C++, OCaml, JAMstack (with Hugo, Jekyll) and Coq. I use cloud based services like AWS, Heroku and Netlify and scalable storage such as PostgreSQL, S3, DynamoDB and Firebase. I’m passionate about best practices such as Continuous Integration (Jenkins, Bamboo), software testing and code reviews. I successfully work remotely using collaboration tools like Slack, JIRA, Trello, Google Docs and GitHub.

Past projects

A selection of web and mobile apps that show the diversity of projects I can help with.

Checkbot - Website auditor Chrome extension

I’m the creator of Checkbot, a Chrome extension that checks if your website follows 50+ SEO, speed and security web best practices. I independently developed the extension, the website, the theme for the website and extension, the comprehensive web best practices guide that accompanies the project and a custom subscription based payment solution. Checkbot has a 4.9 out of 5 average user rating and has 15K+ active users along with paying customers.

Technologies: Chrome, browser extension, JavaScript, TypeScript, Paddle, Netlify, Node, Express, Firebase, Firestore, Firebase Cloud Functions

Fresco - Android painting app

I independently designed and created Fresco for Android, an easy to use yet feature packed digital painting app for Android phones and tablets. The app features layers, customisable brushes and image filters with a focus on usability. The code was highly optimised for devices with limited memory and processing power. It has sold 10K+ copies and has 500K+ free downloads.

Technologies: Android, C, Java, JNI

AV Search - iOS & Android apprenticeship search

I was lead developer on the team that made the AV Search mobile app for the National Apprenticeship Service (a UK government agency). The publicly available iOS and Android app lets you search and apply for apprenticeships. The project included writing a web service that lets you search through live apprenticeship data synchronized from another database. A big aspect of the project was managing the complexity of multiplatform development while keeping an eye on development costs.

Technologies: PhoneGap/Cordova, JavaScript, Backbone, Android, iOS, iPhone, Heroku, Python, Flask, CouchDB, Bamboo, analytics

Old Low Light - Educational touchscreen game

In collaboration with production company Freak Works, I coded a large screen touch input game for the Old Low Light nautical museum. I worked closely with the museum to create a game design that taught players how light houses are used by sailors to steer to shore. I then worked with graphic designer Andrei Staruiala to create an inviting faux 3D gaming experience that worked within the budget we had.

Technologies: Heroku, Cocos2d, JavaScript, Windows

Cloudreach - Corporate website

I was the core developer responsible for maintaining and enhancing two versions of the corporate website for cloud computing specialists Cloudreach who now have revenue of over $1 billion. My role included adding a complete multilingual solution, displaying content that dynamically changed based on the interests of the user, SEO auditing and optimisations, Salesforce integration, cloud hosting setup, analytics for visitor behaviour, optimising performance, theme customisation and creating product landing pages.

Technologies: Heroku, AWS, WordPress, Django, PHP, jQuery, Salesforce, PostgreSQL, S3, analytics, SEO

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A selection of testimonials from some of the amazing people I've worked with.

His professionalism, reliability and ability to stay the course whilst always offering quality delivery and very practical solutions I think makes him an asset to any team. Sean is truly a great engineer and I would work with him again.

Photo of

Stephen Mew, Chief Technology Officer at Nordcloud Ltd

Sean manages to resolve any issue/make any update for our website, no matter how complicated! An absolute pleasure to work with!

Sean’s skills and professionalism has helped to project Blue Alligator into global markets, by developing multi-lingual facilities into our Wordpress website.

Photo of

Lindsay Kennedy, Sales & Marketing Director at Blue Alligator

Sean supported us and the growth of our website for a number of years, and we’ve found his work and advice to be of the highest value. He has a reliable and thoughtful approach and is a proactive problem solver.

Photo of

Charlotte Poynton, Marketing Lead at Cloudreach

For people without a head for coding and programming, Sean made the process quite straightforward, and because of that we’d definitely work with him again.

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Toby Trueman, Creative Director at Heehaw

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